Top quality 300T Nylon product, not Polyester.
Double stitched to ensure high quality!

You have come to the right place for a high quality air couch. The one to have this summer.
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The Lazy Lounger is a fantastic comfortable seat or sofa that you can fill with air within seconds.
No external pumps needed! And it will stay inflated for hours, weighs about 1.35 kg and is made from 300T nylon material (the good stuff)
Easily deflated and stored it packs up into a handy carry bag so you can take is anywhere you want!
Lightweight but strong and durable fabric will ensure that you can use the Lazy Lounger over and over again.
It’s super comfortable, perfect to use at the park, the beach, camping just about anywhere you go! Use it on soft and hard surfaced smooth or uneven surfaces, but remember it is an air bag, and can puncture, so be careful to steer clear of thorns and sharp objects.

Our lazy lounger is made with top spec 300T nylon and the interior bag is also top spec 6S plastic, so technical jargon that may be Greek, but it goes to show we care about supplying you with a top quality product, that will last.

Our lazy lounger features a built-in storage pocket as well as a securing loop, so you can secure your air couch if it is windy.

Buy with confidence, order online, or come and pick some up at our office, we are happy to meet you face to face or call us during office hours.

Have a problem? give us a call we are happy to sort it out.
We use local couriers to ship your lazy lounger to you so you should have it in just a few days.
Payment is also simple, pay with your card on our secure payment gateway, or place your order and simply do a EFT.

Unhappy with your purchase?
Simply return it unused in original condition and we will refund you the cost of the Lazy lounger?