Lazy Lounger FAQ

The LAZY LOUNGER is inflatable so it will work in the pool. However we do not advise it. The LAZY LOUNGER has a hole in the middle when inflated and small children may slide into the gap.
Super strong, lightweight, 300T nylon parachute fabric with special coating to protect against the sun’s rays and spills.
The Lazy Lounger only weights 1.35 KG, when the Lazy Lounger is folded into the carrying bag, the dimensions are about 20 cm x 35 cm When fully blown in all its glory (inflated), the dimensions are about 225 cm x 95 cm (length x width)
The Lazy Lounger can easily withstand the weight of 2 adults, so around 200KG or so.
It has been tested on sharp rocks, uneven ground, the jungle, sandy terrain, on concrete, in the water, on shells, in grassland and yes even indoors.
The Lazy Lounger material is fully waterproof and will float, do so at own risk.
A fully blown Lazy Lounger will last up to 6 hours of relaxing, but it is so easy to re inflate, it should not matter. No this is not a bed you could potentially wake up on the floor if used overnight don’t say we didn’t tell you so.
Shipping costs are R100 anywhere in South Africa provided it is in a town.
Simply unclip the opening and the Lazy Lounger will release 700 litres of air within a heartbeat. Then, start rolling it up towards the opening and when you're at the end; you fold in half, so it easily fits in its carrying bag.